Why You Need A Strong Reason WHY

Why You Need A Strong Reason WHY

Having complete autonomy over my financial destiny became my most important occupational requirement and my strong reason why, which consequently, also became my most valuable service offering.

What are the absolutely essential ingredients for being a successful entrepreneur? For somebody who has a level of talent, his or her desire to run a business would be the most important factor to their success. It sounds so simple, but if someone has a strong reason “why” behind what they do, there is an almost unstoppable life force that will motivate them. 

Instead of reverting back into what was easy, I took stock of my new life and realized that my why had evolved into my purpose.  Not only did I have the ability to take full responsibility of my current and future financial stability, I was doing work that I loved and believed in, and had the time to serve my family better.  I don’t believe there is a paycheck worth enough for me to hand over my finances, as well as my life.

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That is what a strong why can do for you.  It can keep you grounded in what matters, and it can help you move your life into a higher purpose.  I am certainly not saying that it is going to be easy, but the flexibility, balance and peace gained by owning your own business is truly priceless.

“He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Like most things worth experiencing or having, the entrepreneurial success journey is not easy, and is essentially a never-ending process. Having a consistent and clear understanding of why you’re doing what you are doing will sustain you through the difficult times that are an inevitable part of the entrepreneurial journey. Why Purpose Is the Most Important Attribute an Entrepreneur Can Have.

Why You Need A Strong Reason WHY

If you have a winning mindset, then you will always be looking for new ways to improve your life. Especially looking to set new goals for yourself. You understand that setting challenging goals will push you out of your comfort zone and help you grow as a person. Achieving your goals will reaffirm your subconscious mind’s belief that you can do anything.

Why You Need A Strong Reason WHY

The issue is that when you set challenging goals for yourself, they will not be easy to achieve. They wouldn’t be challenging if you could do them without breaking a sweat, would they? This indicates that you will face some tough times ahead in achieving your goals.

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You need a strong WHY

But where does the WHY come from? Typically, it comes from either a deep desire to serve others through rendering your product or service or from some kind of deficit in your life that you want to overcome. Therefore, it seems paradoxical to me that someone’s why can come from something positive (a desire to serve) or something negative (a deficit of some kind).

Before you start working on your challenging goals you need a strong WHY. This is the real motivation (or reasons) for pursuing the goal in the first place. Nobody wants to lose weight in order to fit into their old clothes; they want to lose weight in order to look better and attract more attention.

So, when writing your WHY statement (yes, you must write it down), you must be completely honest with yourself. The best way to figure out why you want to achieve a goal is to ask yourself why you want to achieve it in the first place.

Your subconscious will never deceive you. It will tell you that you want to earn an extra $50,000 over the next year in order to impress your partner, family, or friends, for example. Money isn’t all that important in itself though. The driving force is the power that money will provide you. This should be included in your WHY statement.

When writing your WHY statement, take into account how you will feel once you have achieved your goal. Imagine that you already have the extra cash or that you have lost the weight. What are your thoughts on this? Make these feelings stronger by picturing yourself walking into a room with your pockets bulging with cash or your new sexy figure.

What will your friends’ or whoever you want to impress think of you? In your WHY statement, write down all of the emotions you are experiencing. This is critical and will go a long way toward assisting you in achieving your goal.

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Remind yourself of your WHY statement every day

When you first get out of bed in the morning, read your WHY statement. If it is very strong, it will motivate you for the rest of the day. It is absolutely essential that you begin the day in the right frame of mind, and a strong WHY statement will undoubtedly help you with this.

You don’t have to recite your WHY statement aloud if you don’t want to; reading it in your thoughts is fine. The most important thing is that it inspires you and stimulates powerful emotions in you so that you are eager to get started. Basically, the stronger your why, the better your chances are at being successful.

If you start a business, there will be inevitable and serious obstacles to your success. As you pursue your challenging goals then there will be obstacles that you have to overcome to progress. Some of these obstacles are likely to be major ones that you have never encountered before.

Why You Need A Strong Reason WHY

So, you need overwhelming drive, which comes from a sense of purpose. If these things overwhelm you it will be easy for you to lose your motivation. Get out your WHY statement and motivate yourself to keep going. Having a strong “why” behind your business is an essential ingredient for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Don’t wait! Start that business or side hustle now. You can spend the rest of your life planning a comfortable exit plan, but just remember – when working for someone else, you only have a small piece of control.

Spend the time that you have left on this earth enjoying what you can control, which includes your personal financial destiny. A strong why makes balance, purpose and peace possible.

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